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Read about the new highly beneficial psychedelic medicines in this delightful story that blends science with spirit!

I wrote this novel in the genre called "Magical Realism," which invites me to include both actual science in the field of psychedelics with some magical elements that make the story relatable and fun!

Follow Jenni's personal quest as she blends her PhD in neuroanatomy with today's psychedelic medicines and makes a mind-bending discovery!


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What If Symptoms Are Your Friend?

An Introduction to BodyMind Bridge and Your Self-Healing Mind

This is a brief and thorough introduction to the BodyMind Bridge system of self-healing. In three illustrated chapters you will find a whole new way to think about your symptoms and learn new skills regarding your health you never knew you had. When medical science has no answers for you, when MRIs and CT scans, lab tests, and blood work show no physical cause for your symptoms—choosing to participate powerfully in your own healing is a viable option!  In this book, you will learn how to access the wisdom your deeper healing mind is holding just for you— vital information that will reveal the steps needed to achieve the health you desire.

Find What If Symptoms Are Your Friend? on Amazon HERE.

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BodyMind Bridge and the Self-Healing Mind

A Guide for Therapists and the People They Serve
– the Textbook

Here, I propose a new approach. Let’s show people how to actively participate in releasing the root cause of their own symptoms! This is the focus of BodyMind Bridge work.

This book contains the full BodyMind Bridge curriculum and is the textbook for the certification course I offer. I originally wrote it for health professionals who want to include the incredible potential our deeper mind has for mitigating health challenges. It is also written for the client who wants to release old emotions or beliefs that no longer serve them and has become the textbook for the certification course.

It is time for the fundamentals of psychotherapy to include the deeper waters of our entire beautiful human consciousness.

Find BodyMind Bridge and the Self-Healing Mind on Amazon HERE.

I was prompted to write this book the day I learned many health care professionals have not been taught about the richness and healing possibilities that exist in the deeper levels of our mind, how to safely access them, and most importantly, how to guide their clients to do much of their own inner healing work.

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Just released: August 26th, 2022!

Deactivate Your Survival Trances

Three Ways to Restore Your Life After Trauma

Survival trance is a common experience. It happens automatically when we are in a traumatic situation and cannot run or fight. Instead, a part of us shuts down and goes into a type of inner trance. If it stays in us, it can affect our mental, emotional, and physical wellness for decades. The good news is—this is reversible. Your nervous system initiated the survival trance when you needed it. It can also deactivate it. This book will show you how.


In Part One, you’ll learn what a survival trance is and the deep healing levels of your mind that are designed to release it. I’ve also included stories of people who have deactivated their survival trances using the Self-Rescue Interventions in this book. 


Part Two offers three ways to deactivate your survival trance. Each is based on when the incident happened. Did it just happen? Has it been a few weeks or months? Or did it happen years ago?


No matter when the trauma happened, your intelligent body dutifully holds the emotion for you, awaiting your permission to let it go.

Find Deactive Your Survival Trances on Amazon HERE.

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