What If Symptoms Are Your Friend?

An Introduction to BodyMind Bridge and Your Self-Healing Mind

This is a brief and thorough introduction to the BodyMind Bridge system of self-healing. In three illustrated chapters you will find a whole new way to think about your symptoms and learn new skills regarding your health you never knew you had. When medical science has no answers for you, when MRIs and CT scans, lab tests, and blood work show no physical cause for your symptoms—choosing to participate powerfully in your own healing is a viable option!  In this book, you will learn how to access the wisdom your deeper healing mind is holding just for you— vital information that will reveal the steps needed to achieve the health you desire.

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BodyMind Bridge and the Self-Healing Mind

A Guide for Therapists and the People They Serve

Here, I propose a new approach. Let’s show people how to actively participate in releasing the root cause of their own symptoms! This is the focus of BodyMind Bridge work.

This book contains the full BodyMind Bridge curriculum. I originally wrote it for therapists who want to include the incredible potential our deeper mind has for mitigating mental health challenges. It is also written for the client who wants to release old emotions or beliefs that no longer serve them and has become the textbook for the certification course.

It is time for the fundamentals of psychotherapy to include the deeper waters of our entire beautiful human consciousness.

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I was prompted to write this book the day I learned many therapists have not been taught about the richness and healing possibilities that exist in the deeper levels of our mind, how to safely access them, and most importantly, how to guide their clients to do much of their own inner healing work.

How to Deactivate Your Survival Trance(s)

Release date: Summer of 2022 

From the Introduction:

    Here’s what you can expect from this book.


If your three-year-old child ran to you crying and afraid, you wouldn’t send them away. You’d scoop them up, dry their tears, and hear their story. Then you’d help them know they are safe.

What if you could do this with the younger selves inside you who are still crying and afraid?


This book will show how to do this. If your trauma happened when you were two, twelve or twenty, and if you didn’t get to vent the emotion out of the body, it is still in you. In your body. Your challenge is to do a search and rescue mission to help the fear finish its trajectory out of the body. 

Doing this inner work produces tangible results that you sense in your day-to-day life. 


Many books teach about trauma so you can understand it better, but few reveal ways you can do something about it. This book does both. 


The method I’ve developed to do this inner work is named BodyMind Bridge. I’ve guided hundreds of people into the deep healing part of their mind where they locate and then care for a younger part of themselves that is still hurting. Even though each person brings their own story, their own flavor of trauma, I’ve noticed some similarities:

  • We all have trauma in us – some mild and some debilitating 

  • It still affects us today 

  • We don’t realize we can release it and restore our life


To this day, I marvel at what the average person can do when guided inward and shown how to shift and release the impact that past events have had on their life. 


I wrote this book for you - the one who carries the trauma - so you know this option for self-healing exists. Most people still function in the world as a capable adult, but the battle continues inside. 


Part One explains what a survival trance is, a Map of the Mind so you know how your mind operates, and a few stories from people who have shifted and transformed their survival trances using the methods in part two of the book.


Part Two gets right to the goodies – how to deactivate the trauma in you. I offer three ways to do this, and each depends on how long ago it happened. Did your trauma just happen? Then refer to chapter 4 . . . Did it happen weeks or months ago? Flip to chapter 6 . . . Did it happen years or decades ago?  Chapter 7 is waiting to guide you on your inner search and rescue.