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The BodyMind Bridge System™ Certification Course 

Seven Monday Mornings 9am-12:30 Pacific


Week 1: Creating a New Context for Healing                            

  1. Orientation to Training and Course Expectations                                                                

  2. Introductions and Logistics



1. A Map of The Mind - brainwaves and levels of human consciousness                                                

2. Trance is Natural and Necessary for our Psychological and Biological Health                                  

3. Four Common Types of Trance                                                                                                                    

4. Activity: Write your Soul Intent                                                                                                                                   


Week 2: BodyMind Bridge Skill #1:  Basic Restorative Journey             

Check in, Q&A




  1.   What is traditional hypnosis and how is BodyMind Bridge different/similar?

  2.  How to use pace, tone, inflection for your guiding voice

  3. Restorative Trance Script – the foundation of inner work

    1. Teaches how to integrate beta with alpha/theta levels of mind.

    2. Increases imagery skills.

    3. Opens awareness of the inner landscape. 


BodyMind Bridge™ Skill #1:

Basic Restorative Journey


7 Steps:

1. Induction 2. Deepening

3. Inner Sanctuary 4. Inner Advisor 5. Locate an Image

6. Gather Information 7. Emerge



Activity: Practice the Basic Restorative Journey Script



Required Practice:   Log 2 practice sessions (1 is supervised)       



Week 3: BodyMind Bridge  Skill #2: The InnerView                                                             

Check in, Q&A



  1. A deeper meaning of “holding space” during a BodyMind Bridge session


  2. What is Right-Brain Imagery?

       a. Imagery conveys information from the Alpha Mind to the conscious mind for the purpose of healing.

       b. The language of the Right hemisphere is image and emotion


3. The InnerView

      a. How to deeply listen to the other’s story as a sacred witness 

     b. How to guide a client to write an intent for their BodyMind Bridge session

     c. How to remove hierarchy 




BodyMind Bridge™ Skill #2:

The InnerView


1. Listen as a Sacred Witness 

a. Detached Compassion

b. Suspend judgment

                                                                         c. Listen for emotion and validate it                                                                                                                      2. Show Map of Mind                                                                               3. Create Intent for Session

 4. The Request


4. Shuna demonstrates an InnerView


Required Practice:   Log 2 practice sessions (1 is supervised)




Week 4: A New Purpose of Symptoms and Pathological Behaviors     

Check in, Q&A




1. Symptom as Friend of the Soul

            a. Problems and Symptoms are evidence that something is waking up                                                                   in the life of a person.

            b. Symptoms and Pathologies are potentially positive and offer                                                                               necessary challenges that contribute to our growth.

            c. The wisdom of your symptoms.


2.  Neurosis/Psychosis- An Overview                                                                                                                         a. Understanding the difference

                                                                                                                                                                                     b. Screening potential clients




BodyMind Bridge™ Skill # 3: 

 Discovering the Gift within the Symptom


Required Practice:   Log 2 practice sessions (1 is supervised)





Week 5: Finding the Lost Ones and Inviting Them Home                  

Check in, Q&A



1. Finding the Lost Ones and Inviting Them Home


BodyMind Bridge™ Skill # 4: 

Finding the Lost Ones and Inviting Them Home

a.  Finding the lost one

    b. Connecting with Alpha eye Contact

 c. Inviting them Home into Present Time

             d. Embodying the New Union


      Shuna demonstrates a full session                        


Required Practice:   Log 2 practice sessions (1 is supervised)


Week 6: Release and Reorganization                    

Check in, Q&A



Your BMB™ Practice

  1. Registering as a hypnotherapist with Washington Department of Health


  3. Intake form 


BodyMind Bridge Skill # 5

Release and Reorganization

                                          – what clients can expect after the session


BodyMind Bridge Skill # 6

A Time Saver

– go directly to the symptom!


 Week 7  The Finish Line – Graduation!                            

Check in, Q&A




1.  A Hero’s Journey

2.  A Review of Central Topics in this course.

3. Business questions answered                                                                                                                              

4. Closing Circle and Graduation!


I'd love to talk with you and answer all of your questions about this life-shifting training! -Shuna


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