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BodyMind Bridge Institute Founder, Shuna Morelli is the author of three books in the BodyMind Bridge series, a professionally trained teacher, licensed massage therapist, and registered hypnotherapist with the Washington Department of Health.

Shuna has developed the BodyMind Bridge System of Healing in response to the need for a more complete understanding of the effect that mind and emotion have on our physical wellbeing. As a massage therapist, she repeatedly saw clients who would not or could not complete their physical healing because something deeper within them was blocking their natural healing process. This piqued her curiosity and led to years of investigating the connection between body and mind, quantum mechanics, epigenetics, psychedelic assisted therapy, and how these assist the enormous challenges we face.

Shuna lives with her wife Diann in the Pacific Northwest, nestled between the Olympic mountain range and Mount Rainier National Park. When she isn’t teaching, writing, or guiding private sessions, she loves to wander in nearby forests, enjoy deep conversations with fellow travelers, and tend to her dahlia and zucchini friends in the backyard garden.

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BodyMind Bridge is my muse and sacred vocation.

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My Story

My interest in consciousness and the human mind led me to work with indigenous shamans in the Peruvian Amazon, where I learned first-hand about healing opportunities the western world will one day embrace. In that rainforest I experienced sacred plant medicines that showed me how humans are multidimensional beings by design, that we continue to exist beyond the body, and that enjoying life in a healthy bodymind is our natural birthright. The colorful jungle healers, don Roberto and hermana Mari, showed me there’s so much more to us than we are generally aware of. After this eye-opening experience, I was determined to include a version of these healing methods in the treatment of my hard-to-heal clients.

My search for further instruction led me to the profession of hypnotherapy. I now combine the latest developments in our understanding of mind with the recognition that our body has its own intelligence. Research, practice, and paying close attention to results and feedback with clients has led me to create BodyMind Bridge—the repeatable, always amazing method that puts the client in charge of their inner world and ultimately, of their healing.

Hundreds of people have experienced BodyMind Bridge sessions. They come to their session curious to reveal to themselves a larger perspective about their emotional challenges, chronic pain or conditioned behaviors. This larger viewpoint gets them out of their tightly held identity as “the ill one” and loosens the emotional holding in the body’s tissues. Often, the chronic emotional or physical pain is greatly lessened or completely transmuted — by the client — during their session.

Doing this type of inner work that combines deeper awareness with the body’s intelligence can accelerate the course of one’s healing trajectory. Bridging the conscious mind with our intelligent body is one way to achieve this. 

All Good Medicine,


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