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Founder, BodyMind Bridge Institute

When you want to explore the deep root cause of your symptoms stored in the deeper levels of your mind — 
and participate in your own healing,

I am here to show you how.

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I created a gift just for you, and I'd love to send it to you! A copy of my first book! Just pop your email in the box below and I'll send you the eBook. Be sure to check your spam folder!

After that, I promise to only send you one encouraging email per month. No spam, ever!

Thanks for connecting!

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BodyMind Bridge Certification Course

* The next Certification course begins February 26, 2024 * 

If you or the people you work with people suffer from ongoing emotional, mental or physical symptoms, this course will teach you how to access deep levels of the mind to accomplish their own healing! When you graduate as a certified BodyMind Bridge practitioner, you will know how to guide them to tune into their body’s healing intelligence, befriend their emotions, and quiet their overactive mind.

When you know you can heal yourself,

you’re no longer afraid of living.

~Julie T. after her BodyMind Bridge session

Private Sessions with Shuna

You don’t have to keep suffering today from events that happened in the past. The emotion that is still housed in your body from those traumatic moments keeps surfacing in your present life because it wants to finish its trajectory out of the body! If you couldn’t yell or scream or tell anyone about the event, the adrenaline and excess energy was frozen in your cells and tissues. For whatever reason, the fear or anger or shame didn’t complete its expression out of your body. It will remain churning inside you - until the day you are able to acknowledge it give it your permission to leave.

During a private BodyMind Bridge session with Shuna as your guide, you will learn to gently escort the old trapped emotions out of your being. Knowing how to do this is a game-changer you can use for the rest of your life!

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Books in the BodyMind Bridge Series

A psychiatrist recently graduated from the BodyMind Bridge certification course and requested I write a short introductory book explaining the basics of this self-healing method. I did write that book, and copies of What If Symptoms Are Your Friend? are in her waiting room. 

The second book, pictured here, is the textbook for the certification course I offer. BodyMind Bridge and the Self-Healing Mind was written for therapists and health professionals of all types who want to learn to guide their clients into their deeper healing mind in a safe and self-directed way. 

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Stacey Griffin Ph.D., Executive Coach

What a great addition to my coaching work! I am using the BodyMind Bridge methods in my work with clients that I coach in the corporate world, and with great success!

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Doña Elam,
MPAC, CAQ, Psychiatry 

This work gave me what I needed to help my patients after the very first class! The history, theory, and science behind BodyMind Bridge work was put so perfectly that I have used this already to educate others. Time spent with Shuna was generous and rich with healing strategies and insight.

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Ray Graber,
Owner, YouFit Industries

BodyMind Bridge fundamentally changed the way I approach wellness. With this simple approach that has infinite applications both online & in-person, I'm proud to be one of the few practitioners bringing this gift to the world.

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